Welcome to Lunna.ca

In a sea of ever changing online advertising and promotional tools, we strive to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and novelty out there and make sure we match up your needs with the demands in a creative way that inspires people to remain engaged in your ideas. 

Its not just about advertising and influencing, it’s about bringing your ideas to life and reinventing it in ways that would channel perceptions straight into your visions.

Working not only as a site developer, but also seeking to partner with, subcontract and reaching out to all the talented minds out there willing to join and become part of a greater collaborative team. That’s the concept behind the “we” in our statements.

Your ideas are never ending and the work is never finished. We make sure to deliver you the content you need within the realm of expectations that will satisfy both you as well as leave us with the joy of connecting to diversified doers, learners, dreamers, beginners and owners.

Ani Markarian

Lunna.ca was initially founded over 10 years ago, with it’s name derived from a piece of a planetary land owned by myself, Ani Markarian, and have since made sure to leave a timeless imprint in the memories of all those I encounter all while enticing their curiosity, vocation and imagination.